Pyecombe Golf Club - 1st Green

Pyecombe Pitcher

The idea and format of the Pyecombe Pitcher was conceived by Alan Davey, former Captain, Club Secretary and Scratch team Captain at Pyecombe. He wanted to recreate the atmosphere created by the Sussex County scratch team knockout competition and extend the opportunities for scratch golf throughout the season. The competition, which began being played by four clubs, has now increased to ten teams with matches being played in two leagues with semi-finals and finals. Some of the best clubs in Sussex participate in the competition that is played as a four ball better ball medal. This format dictates that no match is over until the final putt on the 18th. Rules of the competition allow only a maximum of 5 'category 1' golfers per team.

The competition encourages the blooding of youngsters into the competitive arena of scratch golf, allows fringe players the opportunity to show their form, as well as providing the most seasoned scratch team player a competitive but friendly four ball match.

Rules and Format

Match Sheet